Tapping the Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Gene Family
to Treat Human Diseases

Kanyr, the world’s leading PTP inhibitor company

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Kanyr The world's leading PTP inhibitor company.

Capitalize on existing expertise and local resources
Minimal competition in the PTP area
Many PTP targets available and left untapped

PTPs Opportunity

PTPs have long been thought to be “undruggable”. Recent successes
show that this is no longer the case:
PTPβ inhibitor in P1 development for diabetic macular edema
(Aerpio Therapeutics AKB-9778)
PTP-1B inhibitor entering development for Type 2 diabetes
​(Kaneq Bioscience KQ-791)
PTP inhibitors are currently at the nascent stage that kinase inhibitors were 20 years ago. Kanyr has develop two broadly applicable anti-cancer programs:
PRL-PTP Inhibitor and
PTP Inhibitor Immunotherapy – ImmunyrTM Technology

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Target validation
Lead compound
Phase 1
Phase 2

All cancers

CART-T Enhancer
CAR-T Applications

PTP4As - I
Parasites - Viruses - Cancer

Neuro-degenerative - Spinal Cord injuries

About us

Kanyr was incorporated in May 2013.

​Acquired rights from McGill for two major cancer programs:
PRL-PTP inhibitor and ImmunyrTM technology.
​In the process of establishing seed funding.
Kanyr’s research team possesses >15 years of experience in the PTP field.

​Is a “world-leader” in the understanding of how to chemically target PTP gene family.
PTP gene-family is associated with multiple human diseases but remains one of the few untapped areas of drug discovery.


Abundant evidence supporting the cancer promoting roles of PRL-PTP and other phosphatases in cancer immunotherapy.
These are one of the top untapped targets for anti-cancer therapy.
Identified as a difficult target.
Shallow and wide catalytic pocket.
Currently no known activity on PRL inhibitor development or application in immunotherapy with anti-PTP inhibitor.
Proprietary data on targeting PRL/CNNM complex and other PTPs provide head start on competition.
Kanyr will focus on the indication with the greatest probability for a positive proof-of-concept.

Competition & Market fit

PTP Inhibitors

The phosphatases of regenerating liver (PRLs) PTPs are the most oncogenic enzymes of the PTP gene family.
These are small (Mr ~20,000) single PTP domain enzymes comprising three highly homologous members (PRL-1,-2,-3).
All PRLs are oncogenes and promote cell proliferation, tumour growth, invasion, and metastasis in over 90% of all cancers. However, the underlying molecular mechanism behind their oncogenicity remains unknown.
Kanyr has proprietary data on their mechanism of action and a proprietary small molecule lead compound inhibitor allowing for the targeting of PRLs through a newly identified co-oncogenic partner.

PTP-based immunotherapy

Kanyr identified a key PTP that negatively modulates dendritic cell activation.
We developed proprietary small molecule inhibitors against this PTP and demonstrated that these inhibitors are able to boost dendritic cell activation.
ImmunyrTM Technology
- Ex-vivo activation of APCs with proprietary PTP inhibitor for the development of therapeutic cancer vaccines
Significant advancement over current technologies
Project looking for partnership in 3 -10 months

Management Team

Michel L. Tremblay Ph.D., F.R.S.C.
Full Professor,
Jeanne and Jean-Louis Levesque Chair in Cancer Research
James McGill Chair, McGill University
Founder and Former Director of the Goodman Cancer Research Centre
Co-Founder of Mispro Biotech Services
Brian Kennedy, Ph. D.
Former Senior Director of Biology and Site Lead for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases at Merck Frosst
Discovered and led the PTP-1B program
Co-Founder of Kaneq Pharma and Kaneq Bioscience
Cameron Black, Ph. D.
Former Director of Chemistry and Scientific Operations Lead at Merck Frosst
Led Previcox and Odanacatib discovery and development teams
Co-Founder of Kaneq Pharma and Kaneq Bioscience
Daniel Bouthillier, Ph.D., MBA, CSPQ
Former Executive Director for Global Facilities Management and Research Administration and Planning for various Merck sites worldwide
Co-Founder of Kaneq Pharma and Kaneq Bioscience